Monday, May 2, 2011

CORNERED hits 100!

I'm so so so so pleased that CORNERED has hit its 100th new entry! It feels like it was just yesterday we hit fifty, and here we are at the next big landmark!

My deepest thanks to everyone who's been participating so far, the art that's been coming in has been mind-blowing (and thanks especially for answering the call for new submissions - we got a ton, although more are always welcome)!

With a hundred entries under our belt, here's what our vital statistics look like these days:

• Our most popular entry remains Marc Palm's slightly naughty She-Hulk, but quickly pulling up on him from the numbers two and three slots are Mike Maihack's adorable Supergirl and Ron Salas' gorgeously grim Hulk. Yours truly is flattered to have the number four slot with my All-Romance Valentine's Day edition, and rounding out the top five is one of my favorites - Evan "Doc" Shaner's Excellent Power Man and Iron Fist!

• I'm the guy responsible for running the site, so it only makes sense that I'm currently topping the list of most frequent contributors, but turning in an heroic second place is the excellent Evan Keeling. Die-hards Dan Christensen and Brodie Brockie tie for third, and Adam Watson and Aviv Itzcovitz tie for fourth ... or fifth ... I never know how that's supposed to be counted.

• Of our many subjects, The Thing is the most frequently CORNERED, followed by a plethora of excellent Daredevil entries and a tie between the Fantastic Four and The X-Men.

That's it for our centennial update, I'll bug you all again with facts and figures when #200 rolls around. Thanks for watching!

-Calamity Jon Morris

Michael Lynch corners THE BLACK TERROR

Based on corner art from Exciting Comics #32. Michael Lynch's website is here.