Submission Guidelines

Interested in submitting to Cornered? We're happy to have you participate! Please be sure to check out the following guidelines before sending in your submission:

1. The focus of Cornered is to elevate to standalone works of art the often-ignored spot illustrations which graced the covers of so many classic comics. Primarily, the focus of Cornered will be on recreating actual cover corner art in each artist's individual style - it's much more interesting to reinterpret the original artwork in a new and unique fashion than to simply recreate it with strictest accuracy in mind.

2. Unlike our inspirational predecessors, Covered and Repaneled, parody illustrations are perfectly welcome at Cornered. Likewise, don't feel you have to be restricted to recreating existing corner cover artwork of the past - if you'd like to create a wholly new piece for a character who's otherwise never had one, that's also fine!

Primarily, we're all about recreating classic examples of corner cover art, but don't let that stop you if you've got an inspired idea!

3. It would be kind of you to hold off on posting your Cornered submission to your own blogs and social networks until it debuts on the site. I will try to get all submissions posted in short order, although there will be an upper limit of one new post per weekday. I will let you know, after receiving your submission, on what day you may expect your Cornered to be posted.

4. Please don't add your URL or contact information to your Cornered artwork - I'll make sure to link up all your important data when your submission is posted. (Please be sure to include with your submission the name and URL to which you'd like your submission to be credited)

5. Please send your submission in JPG, PNG or GIF formats, between 300 and 600 pixels wide.

6. If possible, please include a link to the original corner art which you are recreating. Here are some places where you can find images of comic book covers:

Please send all submissions to