Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Congratulations and major thanks to everyone who's participated in Cornered so far, we've just published our FIFTIETH entry! When I started this blog a few months back, I was worried that there wouldn't be enough interest to keep the updates coming in regularly. Much to my delight, new submissions started coming along in bunches and, as I write this, we've got a waiting list about a month long (but don't hesitate to send in new submissions, the more the merrier!)
After fifty entries, here are some vital statistics:

Our most popular entry is Marc Palm's slightly naughty She-Hulk, only our third-ever Cornered! Evan "Doc" Shaner comes in second and fifth with his Silver Age Flash and Power Man & Iron Fist submissions, respectively. Marvel's Merry Mutants round out the top five, with a New Wave-era X-Men from me and a rebellious teen punk X-Men from Evan Keeling at the third- and fourth-place spots.

Speaking of whom, Evan Keeling tops out our list of contributors with seven fabulous entries. Tying for second are yours truly and Dan Christensen, with six entries each.

Of the many characters covered here, our most frequent Cornered subjects are The Thing and The Human Torch (thanks in no small part to Adam Watson's quartet of Fantastic Four entries), with The X-Men coming in second (and coming in first if you include Evan Keeling's excellent New Mutants submissions in the total).

Thanks so much for being part of Cornered, and I'll chat with you again when we hit our first hundred!

-Calamity Jon Morris

Flynn Nichols corners MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE

Based on corner art from Marvel Two-In-One #43. Flynn Nichols' website is here.